Partners for Resilience

Disasters have been increasing exponentially over the past, with climate change contributing to extreme weather events. Degradation and loss of ecosystem have also been intensifying the hazards that, combined with vulnerability, cause disaster. These impacts were rarely addressed, if ever, in a coordinated way in the same programme. To improve this situation, five Netherlands-based humanitarian, development and environmental organizations, with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have formed an alliance to reduce the impact of hazards on vulnerable communities. These organizations are CARE Nederland, Cordaid, Wetlands International, NL Red Cross, and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. The programme, which combines disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation with ecosystem management and restoration will be implemented by the five Organizations and their southern partners in nine countries: Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mali, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya. In the Philippines, CARE partners will implement the programme in CAR, CAMANAVA and CARAGA. The Philippine Red Cross will implement the programme in CARAGA and in CAMANAVA. The objective of the PfR programme is to reduce the impact of natural hazards on livelihoods of vulnerable communities. This can be achieved by means of the following key results:

  1. Communities are more resilient to climate (change) induced hazards
  2. (Partner) NGOs/ CBOs apply DRR/CCA/EMR in assistance and advocacy
  3. DRR/CCA/EMR-conducive budgeting & policy planning in place at local, national and international level

Project Details

Name of Project: Climate-Proof Disaster Risk Reduction
Location: 17 barangays in Benguet, Mountain Province, Malabon City, and Agusan del Sur
Start date of project: 1 January 2011
End date of project: 31 December 2015
Partners: CARE Nederland, CNDR, AADC, CorDisRDS, Netherland Red Cross, Philippine Red Cross, IIRR, Wetlands International, RC/RC Climate Centre (Partners for Resilience in the Philippines)
Donor: The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Total project budget: EUR879,650
Beneficiaries: 19 barangays