What We Do

We perform various things around the Philippines to aid our brothers and sisters, below you can find some of the core activites which we find ourselves involved in

Programme Quality Management

Communities, people’s organizations, local government units, non government organizations (NGOs) and other local actors will be trained and coached on improving the quality of projects and programmes to achieve larger and lasting outcomes. At the basic level, partners will be introduced to project cycle management applying participatory approaches. Community participation, especially by most vulnerable groups will be ensured in all phases of the project cycle. By developing local capacities in project cycle management, communities, people’s organizations, local government units and NGOs become more competent in developing on their own projects that address a wide range of development priorities.

Demonstration Projects

Working in partnership with communities, people’s organizations, local government units, NGOs and other local actors, demonstration projects will be designed and implemented to test innovative approaches and to demonstrate good practices and application of lessons learnt in various programming areas where ACCORD Inc. has extensive experience and expertise. These include disaster risk reduction, environment and natural resource management, climate change adaptation, food security and local governance. Implementing demonstration projects is closely linked to improving programme quality.

Fundraising and financial management

Funding projects and programmes is a major concern for communities, people’s organizations, local government units and NGOs. An essential component of project cycle management, ACCORD Inc. partners will be trained and assisted in designing projects, writing project proposals, and raising the required financing for designed projects and programmes. The people that compose ACCORD Inc. have excellent record in winning grants for project proposals developed.

In order to support fundraising activities of partners, ACCORD Inc. will build on the donor mapping activity carried out by the ACCORD Project by regularly updating and disseminating an inventory of grant programmes and donor resources. To further complement fundraising activities and to enhance accountability of local partners, financial management services including setting up of accounting systems and auditing services are offered to partners.


Learning activities of partners will be facilitated. Learning in action activities include training and coaching on participatory monitoring and evaluation, conducting evaluations, and documenting and disseminating lessons learnt and best practices.

Researches based on a set research agenda and on specific topics supporting learning in action activities will be carried out. Databases on themes including DRR, climate change, natural resource management, and local governance will be maintained.